Variety 6 Pack Lip Balm Full Size

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A Full Variety Pack of All 6 Full Sized Lip Balms

*Texture: Perfect for enhancing softness while keeping lips moisturized. Ingredients include Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for long lasting wear.


Cinnamon improves circulation, causing a slight tingle in your lips that is also a natural plumper! Clove oil has anti-aging properties so you can keep your pout plump and supple with this balm.


Peppermint is known for increasing circulation, causing a slight tingle in the lips that wakes your spirit. It is a mood lifter with a refreshing scent!


The lovely scents and oils of both Rose and Cardamom combine to create a fruity – floral swirl that helps promote positive energy while rejuvenating your lips. 


Red Clover is known to soothe skin and works great in healing chapped lips. This particular lip balm has a hint of raspberry for a lovely fruity yet floral scent.


Rosemary is a grounding herb that enhances positive energy and has been known to enhance mental clarity. The refreshing scent is also known to repel negative energy. This Full Sized Lip Balm is great for anyone trying to stay positive, and attract positivity and prosperity.


Lavender Chamomile Lip Balm offers a calming scent that slows you down and eases anxieties. This full-sized lip balm is for anyone looking to de-stress, and calm the nerves. 

*Lip balm tubes may vary: clear, white, black*

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