Orange Cream Body Butter *Made to Order*


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(Item will be posted on Instagram when back in stock)

This Body Butter is just the right combo of smooth shea butter with a subtle scent of Orange and Vanilla.

It is air-whipped, giving it a light, airy, wispy texture.

Comes in 8oz  tin

Recommended for: Daily moisturizing

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Arrow Root Powder, Orange Oil, Natural Vanilla Oil

Made to order items may take a bit longer if it is labelled as ‘out of stock’ – but not to worry, I’m just making sure you get a fresh batch and making sure the textures are just right.

PLEASE NOTE: August, 2021 I am experiencing a shortage of some of these ingredients. But will be able to make more as soon as they become available.

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