Herbal Tea Blends

Don’t just drink a cup of tea, but heal yourself with it. Drink with intention; stop everything you’re doing, put your phone down, tune the whole busy world out, and really consume your cup of tea with your heart and soul. Feel the gentle steam on your face, and focus on the swirl of herbal scents. I believe drinking your tea this way, with intention is the best way to open your heart to all of the positivity and health benefits you’ll be receiving from this cup.

Each Herbal Tea Blend serves a purpose, from encouraging calmness & relaxation, helping in achieving glowing skin, or to manifest positivity – these teas are soothing and delicious! Ingredients are Organic and Vegan.

Each individual Herbal Blend comes with a Manifestation & Mantra Card.

My Limited Time Sample Variety Pack comes with 4 muslin tea bags for your convenience.

*Meditation/Mantra Card not included with sampler pack*

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